RiMe Vol. 11/I n.s. December 2022, ‘Medieval studies in a Globalised World’, online presentation on April 19th

This Special Issue proposes some interesting reflections on the role of medievalists in today’s globalised world and the place of this field of study in the historical disciplines. The articles raise a number of questions about the social function of the medieval scholar in the new dynamics of the 21st century. Another axis of the Issue, which is also closely related to the previous ones, is the reflection on the lines of research of recent years that raise other questions: with the nation-states under discussion in a globalising world, are the great traditional themes still valid? Should new ones be incorporated? Due to the emergence of certain disciplines, is there a danger that technology will take precedence over reflection?

Discussant: Dra. Carmen González Gutiérrez (Universidad de Córdoba).
Participants: Jesús Brufal Sucarrat (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), Vicent Royo Pérez (Universidad de Zaragoza), Luciano Gallinari (CNR – Istituto di Storia dell’Europa Mediterranea).

The presentation can be followed on Microsoft Teams at 5.00 pm CEST via the following URL and QR Code: https://urly.it/3tndd